You can only get so far on your own. If you want to see your company grow and flourish, it’s important for team members on all levels to support and encourage each other. At Advance Financial, our team is like family, and everyone here has worked together to perfect our company culture. Check out these tips we’ve learned along the way for how to be the best team player you can be.


Offer to help even when it’s not asked for

Have a little extra time on your hands? Ask your coworkers if they have anything they need help with. Part of being a great team player is being willing to take on any task, even if it’s as simple as making copies or taking out the trash. You may learn a new facet of the business while also alleviating some of your coworker’s stress. And next time you’re in a pinch and could use some help, your coworker will be more willing to return the favor.


Ask for help

On the other hand, it’s important to always ask for help if you know you won’t complete an assignment on time. Lean on your team – it’s what they’re there for. No one can help you if you don’t ask for it. Also, be sure not to wait until the last minute to ask for help. Give your coworker some time before the deadline to ensure he has adequate time to finish the task to the best of his ability.


Use a “we” vs. “I” mentality

When speaking with your clients or customers about the business or its offerings, get in the habit of using “we” instead of “I.” Hardly anything in business is a solo effort. Using “we” will reinforce the team mentality and present a unified image.


Be approachable

Make sure that your coworkers know you are a part of the team, no matter what position you hold. Keep your office door open, so your coworkers can easily pop in and ask a question. At Advance Financial, our corporate offices and retail stores have an open floor plan, so no one feels separated or cut off from the rest of the team. This allows employees at all levels to feel like they can openly and honestly communicate with anyone in the office.


Be respectful

If you’re having an issue with a coworker, don’t gossip behind their back. It will cause tension in the office – the person you complain to may feel uncomfortable and the person you’re talking about will be hurt if she finds out what you said. Be direct with whomever you’re having an issue with, attempt to talk through it and reach a solution. If that’s not possible, take the problem to a superior or mentor who has the ability to provide a fix.


By following these few tips, we’ve formed a close-knit, collaborative team that supports each other like family. Ready to join our team? Check out our current openings.