At Advance Financial, our customer service specialists get to improve the lives of people in the communities we serve by providing a wide variety of financial services, including wire transfer, bill payment, unlimited free money orders and FLEX loans.

So, what can be learned from a career in customer service? Below are a few skills that customer service specialists perfect throughout their careers.

Strong Communication Skills

Working in customer service, you’re constantly talking and working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some customers may know exactly what services they need, while others will need to be presented with the various options. By working through those situations, customer service specialists learn how to clearly communicate with different audiences in a variety of situations.

Emotional Intelligence

A good customer service professional learns how to “read” people. After talking with many different people and seeing how they react to similar situations, you’ll develop a kind of sixth sense about how to make someone’s day. You’ll learn to really listen and understand people in order to be able to help them. You’ll find some people really just need someone to listen to them while others really want your feedback. They may just want to give you a little information and then hear about your ideas. These kinds of experiences really develop your emotional intelligence, and management experts say that a finely honed emotional intelligence is the most important component to professional success.

Problem Solving

Customers come to Advance Financial with many different situations. It’s the responsibility of the customer service specialist to come up with a solution for them that makes the most sense. This process leads to customer service specialists developing strong problem-solving skills. You learn how to look at a situation objectively, analyze its component parts, see how each part relates to the other, how the whole relates to the customer’s life situation, what the options are and how to weigh the options to come up with the best solution.

Relationship Building

At Advance Financial, we make it a point to build a relationship with each and every customer that comes through our doors. We learn their names, their families, their jobs and their interests. Our job is to look out for their best interests and always do the right thing. You get to interact with customers one-on-one and build friendships with them.

The best part about a customer service career is every skill you perfect at work is applicable in your personal life. These skills make you a better partner, friend and family member. Interested in entering the customer service field? Check out our Career page for our open positions!