4 Resources Your School Has to Help You Land a Job

So, it's your senior year and with so many classes and clubs plus remembering to eat and sleep... it's a tough balancing act. On top of all that, graduation is approaching, and fast. You're probably feeling a lot of pressure to have everything figured out by then. Not having your dream career in place yet can feel like you're way [...]

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When You’re Starting a New Job: What to Know for your First Year

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking. You have new colleagues to get to know, new responsibilities, and a new routine to get used to. It's hard to know what to expect, and it can take time before you find your feet and feel confident in your new workplace. That time is worth spending, and we've got some tips to [...]

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3 Tips to Identify Your Strengths and Land Your Perfect Job

“What are your strengths?” Glassdoor’s #1 most common job interview question can be stressful under pressure. Luckily, there are ways to beat feeling overwhelmed when talking about your strengths. Here are some tips to help you find your strengths and use them to find a job you’ll enjoy and be good at.   1. Start with your interests and values [...]

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How to Answer the Top 3 Most Commonly-Asked Interview Questions

After submitting your personalized resume and cover letter, you’ve received the much-anticipated request for an interview from a potential employer. Hooray! After you recover from your initial excitement, you may feel some nerves arise as you realize that what you say during the interview could make or break your opportunity to earn the job. If you’re anxiously awaiting your upcoming [...]

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Three Tips to Cultivate a Smarter Social Media Presence

With social media so readily available to everyone in the world today, our power to instantly share is stronger than ever. However, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. With more than 244 million people using social media in the United States, according to Statista, it’s important that we learn how to use this tool wisely. Are you starting [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Proper Phone and Email Etiquette

Technology has made it possible for us to be more connected and engaged with each other than ever before. However, increasing reliance on texting and emojis can lead to a decrease in professionalism in phone and email communication. Not sure if you’re using proper etiquette? Check out our do’s and don’ts below. Phone Etiquette Do’s Before your phone call, make [...]

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Becoming a Lifetime Learner

Think education stops after graduation? Think again! Riiiiiiing! It’s the class bell, waking you up out of your daze and reminding you it’s time to attend yet another class in a subject that seems utterly boring. You persevere, wishing you could finally learn something that actually interests you. Does this sound anything like your high school or college experience? If [...]

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Why Should You Join Fintech Nation?

While it’s predicted the traditional banking industry will be cutting 30 percent of its jobs over the next few years, the financial technology (fintech) industry is booming. Financial Times reported that fintech grew 11 percent in 2016, making it a $17.4 billion industry. For anyone looking for a career in a dynamic, technology-driven space that’s on the rise, companies that [...]

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