Clear and constant communication in the workplace is vital, with tracking tasks, projects and other collaborative material taking up a large portion of the day for many employees. Technology can help, but the key is identifying the right tools and defining the most streamlined processes to help you save time, not simply adding one more internet tab. Below are three online platforms that fill the bill:



Do you ever feel like your work life is scattered? Some information lost in your email, random files saved on your desktop and Google Drive files that desperately need sorting? It takes longer to organize and find everything relating to a task than to actually complete it. Slack is a way to calm this craziness.

Slack is a collaboration hub that allows users to stay better connected in all aspects of a business. Unlike siloed inboxes that present messages in the order they were received, Slack enables its users to create group chats that are sorted and organized into channels with specific topics such as accounting, marketing, business operations and much more. This makes finding past messages and assignments easier – just look at the relevant channel instead of digging through your email inbox. Since users can integrate over 1,500 apps, files can be shared directly in a group chat. Slack also allows users to share their screen in real time with other users, fostering collaborative work.


Google Hangouts

 According to a recent report, 43 percent of Americans spent at least some time working remotely last year, with that number continuing to grow. With more and more employees logging into work from around the globe (or the coffee shop next door!), finding ways to keep communication consistent is essential. Google Hangouts is an incredible tool for remote employees to feel connected. Beyond the capability to add up to 10 users to one video call, Google Hangouts integrates seamlessly into your Google Calendar, allowing you to create or be added to Google Hangout meetings instantly, no codes or separate websites required. Need to take the call on the road? No problem! The app syncs all of your chats from device to device to keep the conversation going wherever you are.



Being a part of a team means working together to achieve a common goal. Oftentimes, in the workplace, these goals can be broken down into priorities, tasks and to-do lists. While this is an important part of producing a successful team, the execution can fall short as it’s almost impossible to manage these goals across paper, email and spreadsheets.

Align helps to solve this problem by putting you and your team on the fast track towards goal-setting success. Align is a growth management software that helps companies and teams stay on the same page. Priority dashboards, assigned tasks and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide a shared view into company, team and individual goals, allowing employees to make progress on tasks that will actually move the needle. All of these pages are designed to be accessible to each person on the team, cultivating a shared spirit of communication, accountability and encouragement. Tired of setting goals that never come to completion? Try Align today and see what your team can accomplish.

These days, all of us spend a great deal of our life at work, so why not put in the effort to make it as effective as possible? Use these tools to begin fostering strong communication and enjoy the benefits that follow.