We know job searching can get overwhelming. There might be many jobs open, making it difficult to decide which to apply for. When job searching, you need to make sure you are only applying to jobs that you would be a good fit for. Since you need to tailor your resume to each different job, you don’t have time to apply to all jobs. Maximize your time spent job searching by looking for specific criteria. 

Here are some of those things you should consider when applying for jobs.


If benefits are something that you value, make sure you look at what the company offers before you even apply. You don’t want to waste your time applying for something and then have to decline when you see their benefits don’t match your expectations. Make sure they offer what you need before you apply so that you don’t waste either your time or theirs. 

Years of Experience

How many years of experience are required can play a major impact in getting hired or not if you get hired or not. It’s important that you look at this beforehand. If you are just below the number of years of experience required, or you think you are qualified for the job, then by all means, go ahead and apply. However, to maximize your chances of getting an offer, only apply to those you know you match with. 


The amount of time you are expected to spend at work is something you really want to look at. You want to make sure the job expectations are what you are wanting. The hours spent at a company are a good indicator of the work-life balance as well.

Ask what days and times you are expected to work. You might not want to be stuck working certain days, like weekends, so this is something to consider.


You need to make sure that the salary for the company matches what you are looking for. To find the salary you need, you should take into consideration what your expenses are going to be. Whether you are getting paid hourly or you are on a salary, it needs to match what you are wanting and needing from a job. 

Job Responsibilities

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a job is “What are the job responsibilities?”. This is a huge indicator of whether or not you are going to be a good fit for the position. If you have no experience doing any of the responsibilities they have listed, then you are probably not qualified for the job. It’s better to not even waste your time and continue your search elsewhere. Only apply for jobs you know you have a chance with.

If you really love a job but you don’t have any experience with it, then this may be an opportunity to improve your skills in that area. Maybe you even take an internship to gain a little experience in that area and then apply. Whatever it is, make yourself a marketable asset to the company. 

Look to Advance Financial when Job Searching

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