Work-related stress and anxiety are more common than you might think. A study shows that 83% of employees suffer from work-related stress. Of that percentage, 25% of them said that work was their number one source of stress. With numbers like these, there is no question there is an issue with work-induced stress. Today, we are giving some of our best relaxation tips on how to cope with stress in the workplace.

Make Yourself Some Tea

Making a calming tea is something you can do to get a stressful situation off your mind for a bit. Try a mint, chamomile, or lavender tea. All of these have properties that help relax the body and mind. Not only is the tea itself calming, but the act of making it can be as well.

Focus on Your Breathing

Learning how to properly breath can be a game changer for you when experiencing stress in the workplace. One way to focus on your breath is by using the square method, which is sometimes known as the box method. During this relaxation practice, you draw a square in front of you in the air. As you draw the bottom and top of the square, you will inhale for 4 long seconds.  As you draw the left and right sides of the box, you will exhale for 4 long seconds, too. Repeat this style of breathing until you feel a bit more relaxed. 

Relax by Reading Something

Sometimes all you need is just a little time to focus on something other than work. Taking a five-minute reading break can really relieve a lot of stress and ease your mind for a bit. You may feel like you are staring at the same computer screen all day, but looking at something else for a while can give your brain and eyes the break they need. 

Run an Errand

Another one of our relaxation tips is to get out of the office for a short period of time. Running an errand, such as dropping a letter off at the post office, allows you the space to do so. Removing yourself from a stressful environment is one of the best ways to relieve stress, making this a great way to calm yourself down. 

Go for a Walk

One of our favorite relaxation tips is going on a walk. Getting fresh air is yet another great way to clear your head. You can go by yourself, or you can go with a coworker if you’re wanting someone to talk to. Go over your break or even part of your lunch break. Adding this to your routine can also be a great way to break up the day. 

Doodle or Draw

Take a break and doodle or sketch at your desk. This is also something you can do while you are on a call if you are able to multitask. If you are feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated, this can be a great way to ease your mind while working.

Listen to Music 

Listening to music is a great way to escape reality at work. If you are not in meetings and simply working at your desk, try popping in some headphones and listening to your favorite tunes. Opt for something more calming or even one of your favorite songs. 

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