Is staying organized in your personal and professional life one of your goals for 2019? In today’s technology-filled world, it’s easier than ever to make lists on-the-go, coordinate schedules and keep your documents in one place. Read below to learn more about the top apps that can make life easier for you to manage this year:

Google Drive

This app is an incredible storage platform that is accessible with simply a Google email address. From a list of birthdays to a family budget, Google Drive allows you to create or upload documents, sheets or slides all into one location. Since Google Drive is a platform, it can be accessed by phone, desktop or tablet, meaning you always have up-to-date access to any of your files anywhere you go with an internet connection.



Traditional list-making has been used for decades to make sure everything is being tracked and getting completed. However, with commitments becoming greater and time stretched shorter, the pen and paper have been replaced by the mobile phone. Want to make sure you’re staying organized while on-the-go? Look no further than ToDoist. This app allows you to not only make different lists, but also to categorize, prioritize, highlight and delegate all in one place. If you want to take advantage of all of the features, it even allows you to see tangible progress with points, streaks and levels to achieve with each completed task. ToDoist also connects with iCal, Dropbox and Amazon Alexa to keep your lists accessible from almost anywhere.



Bye-bye chaos, hello Cozi! Cozi is best known as the family organizer app, allowing multiple devices to sync together to grant access to one calendar. School schedules, activities, appointments, grocery lists, vacation plans and more are all included onto one calendar, where categories are color-coded. The app also gives you the ability to set reminders, save recipes, create shared grocery lists and see a personalized daily agenda, so you are in control of your day from the very start!



Specifically designed for project management, this app is a favorite of those who are constantly juggling multiple projects or clients. Trello is both an app and a desktop website that uses boards, lists and cards to enable you to organize and prioritize your short and long-term tasks in a new and visually engaging way. Each project can be assigned to a board, where you then create lists based on goals, priorities or tasks. Each list can then be broken down into cards with specific tasks, including a section for notes and due dates. These cards can be seamlessly moved from one board to the next, allowing you to track your progress within in the board.

Balancing work, family and friends is no easy task for anyone. Make the minutes in your day count by utilizing these free apps to keep your personal life in order. Your friends and family will thank you!